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Nick Nicolaides

Il mio lavoro da sempre

Nick Nicolaides ha fondato la scuola nel 1999 avendo fatto precedentemente attività di docenza in vari luoghi e istituzioni. L’esperienza maturata nell’insegnamento gli ha consentito di conoscere molti studenti, dai più piccoli ai più grandi, ai quali ha potuto trasmettere energia ed entusiasmo, guidandoli e sostenendoli nell’apprendimento, ognuno nel modo a lui più congeniale. Nei suoi 30 anni di docenza ha avuto la possibilità di confrontarsi con una vasta gamma di contesti: scuole statali, forze armate, turismo, legislazione, finanza, medicina e farmaceutica, arte e musei, industria, agricoltura, accoglienza e moda, trovando in ciascuno di essi una propria collocazione e modalità di scambio culturale.


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I want my classes to fun and inclusive

I am a British National who has grown up in a bilingual home. I got my Liceo Classico maturità in 2016 and was already teaching young students. After getting my degree in Discipline dello Spettacolo e Comunicazione in 2019 (with 110 cum laude) I got my TEFL in November 2019 a masters in HR management from Luiss Guido Carli in 2021 and a masters in Autism and development disorders: theoretical and technical bases for behavioural teaching in 2022. I have enjoyed teaching from a young age when I helped with summer camp and wanted to make sure nobody got left out. During lock down I went to my students’ homes to help with English and other homework in the knowledge that human contact is essential when learning. I want my classes to fun and inclusive.




Hello! I’m Ana. I graduated in Psychology in Brasil in 2002 and got My English Literature degree in California in 2003 and Young Learner TEFL in San Francisco. I’ve been an English teacher for 15 years. In all those years, I have taught adults, teenagers, and little children. No matter the age group I’m teaching, I believe the most important thing is that the students enjoy the lesson and feel connected to the content. Therefore, to create an atmosphere of fun and enjoyment I like to use games, songs, and interactive activities. I’m passionate about languages so, in every lesson, I try to transmit this passion to my students. I live by the motto that learning English is a lot of FUN!



I am a TEFL-certified English teacher and translator with a solid background in guest relation management, also passionate about web design and audio engineering. I obtained a Bachelor’s degree in languages and foreign literature and a Master’s degree in Hospitality Management and Sales. I gained and honed my customer care skills thanks to 10 years of experience in hotel management for luxury hotel brands. My passion for teaching English, which had always been underlying, fully revealed itself in 2020. Since then, I have been teaching non-stop helping hundreds of clients from all around the world. My guest relation skills have led me to put my own twist on modern teaching, focusing on an emphatic approach and emotional intelligence, which I consider crucial assets and triggers for deeper active learning.”



Paul Murphy – Born in Belfast, 1965. He studied at the University of Warwick and Queen’s University Belfast. His poetry, literary criticism, book reviews and travel writings have been published in English, Irish and American journals, including Envoi, Orbis, Other Poetry, Scintilla, and The Haiku Quarterly. He presently works as a freelancer for various bodies including the Tate galleries, the British Museum and the Royal Academy, London. He earned his Trinity certTESOL in London. Paul takes a rational approach to teaching which means that fluency, correction, free and controlled activities are given equal weight without one or another dominating or disturbing the natural flow of a class. This means that students are allowed to speak and then correction happens later. Only one or possibly two kinds of correction are attempted, for instance, tense, grammar, or collocation but not all together. This helps build students confidence but also insists on developing students speaking skills through correction. Continuous testing is another feature of his teaching which means that students are constantly being assessed through tests and exams. Therefore, student’s development is always paramount. Classes address all of the competences, speaking, writing, listening and reading.